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Take control of your emissions

Financial Graphs

Measure, manage and report the emissions from individual processes, or from your whole value chain. 

Carbon footprinting

Measure your footprint 

Reduce your footprint 

Increase efficiency and reduce your footprint


Report your sustainability progress to your stakeholders

Green Buildings

Why should you measure your footprint? 


Meet stakeholder expectations 

More consumers and stakeholders carry ESG as a top priority than ever before. Putting effort into measuring and reducing emissions is a clear message to stakeholders and clients that you respect their desires. 


Financial incentives

The processes which emit the most GHGs are the energy intensive, fossil-fuel heavy processes. By making these processes more efficient, you can reduce emissions but also save money on energy and fuel prices. 


Present and future regulation 

Depending on the size of your company, reporting your carbon footprint may already be a legal necessity. Green legislation is becoming more thorough and widespread by the day, making it essential to get ahead of the curve. 


Fight against climate change 

Stopping the negative effects of climate change is imperative, and something we can only achieve by working together. 

Multilingual Functionality



Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions calculations


LCA for individual products or processes


Environmental reporting in line with TCFD


Sustainability report for your stakeholders


Energy efficiency recommendations 

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